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  • Version: 2.2.5

Open-source VNC app

TurboVNC is a free high-performing, open-source virtual network computing (VNC) app. This software contains variants of tight encoding tuned for maximum performance and compression with 3D apps, videos, and other image-intensive workloads. When combined with VirtualGL, this app provides a complete solution for remotely displaying 3D apps with interactive performance. TurboVNC is forked from TightVNC. It still covers all the TightVNC 1.3 features, but it contains various feature enhancements and bug fixes. 

Simple interface, easy to connect

The first thing that users may notice upon launching is that TurboVNC has a very simple interface. However, it encompasses a handful of intuitive functions—making it possible even for less experienced users to use it fully. Having a working understanding of certain remote connection-related concepts will still come in handy since some features are somewhat technical, though. Users must also be aware that this app requires having an internet connection on the computers they want to work with.

More than the simple interface, the app also makes it easy to connect to the target machine. Users can do so by typing the corresponding IP address and port in the designated field and clicking the Connect button. Note, however, that you need to have a running VNC server on the destination computer. This tool comes with a built-in Listen mode. However, establishing a connection is not that easy, so you might need to consider using a different server utility. 

This program also lets you access the standard configuration menu. With this, you can adjust various parameters by adjusting values or ticking checkboxes. Among the values you can customize are multiple encoding methods, image quality, JPEG compression, remote desktop size, clipboard transfer, and interframe compression. You can also configure the TCP ports and local cursor shapes. The app requires minimal resources and uses generally only 5 - 20% of the CPU time. 

Handy VNC remote connection app

While several network tools can help you connect to other computers, most of them come with overcomplicated processes and requires extensive configurations. TurboVNC can help you achieve adequate results with minimal effort. It is a simple application that helps you connect to other computers remotely using VNC. Even though it comes with a simple interface, it still has a few intuitive features that can connect you to your target machine easily. It also comes with a straightforward configuration menu, so you can adjust parameters to your preference.


  • Easily connects you to your target machine
  • Simple interface
  • Straightforward configuration menu
  • Lightweight


  • Requires internet connection
  • Hard to establish connections in the built-in Listen mode
  • Some features can be too technical for novice users


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TurboVNC 2.2.5 for PC


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